Since the death of Montreal the crew of the ship the Catavenger had just been moping around.

The good ship, the once mighty Catavenger was now sitting in dry dock. Only the butler Shel would even visit it. And then only to sit and cry. One day when the crew needed him to feed them they couldn't find Shel. They looked all over the island and finally found him on the deck of the Catavenger. They couldn't get him to come down so they boarded the badly neglected brigantine. The ship was anything but "ship shape."

It was a mess.

A storm blew in. The rotted lines tethering the ship broke. Creak they went and the ship blew out to sea. It was taking on water. But they knew that lightening it wouldn't work because the thousand of pounds of gold hidden in the bilge which in good times provide ballast would suck the ship under. Just as they thought it couldn't get worst lightening struck. There was a flash. The The Spirit of Montreal, Topcat,Panther and the other's that have gone to the Rainbow Bridge appeared to Toronto and (acting) Captain Calgary in the sky, as the ship rocked and lunged in the wake of the storm. Mourn for me no more. Must we tell you again:

What our Lord the creator of the Heavens of the Earth says - "I am he that lives, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for ever more, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death. " (Rev.1:18 American King James.)

With that a bright light blinded them and a great wind carried them to where the Four Corners of the ends of the earth met those of the stars, time and space and infinity . . .

Please return soon to the reborn Catavenger Bigger Better and Bolder in the anno domini year of the Lord 2018.


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